I don’t watch early afternoon TV often, so the following PSA may have already been around for a while:

This was the winning entry in a contest hosted by Bridgestone where teens could submit their own driving-related PSAs. I appreciate the values behind it and the overlying message certainly rings true, but the message at the end seemed a bit odd:

“use a designated texter”

I understand the desire to relate texting while driving to drinking while driving, but is texting really such a necessity that we should establish someone as our extra set of fingers?

“Mavis, please dictext the following to Bruce: ‘dawg want 2 meet up 2nite 4 buds n wwe?’ Please read that back to me. Mhm… still feels a little too… formal. Please add a semicolon and closing parenthesis at the end. Thank you.”

I know I might be aging myself to the early 2000s here, but what’s wrong with just calling someone on a hands-free set if you can’t wait until you stop driving to send a message? Not only is it safer, but you can still talk while keeping both hands on your Big Mac (elbows at 10 and 2).

So a good message overall, but perhaps a little superfluous at the end. It also drowns out the real secondary message in the video: If you’re walking across the street and see a car slowly creeping up on you, don’t just stand and hold out your hand like Superman–run out of the stinkin’ way.