Last year New York wanted to help the state’s financial problems to advance us all as a people, by which I mean take more of our money to patch all the holes in the programs that are supposed to help us. I never said it was a healthy relationship.
One of the plans was to immediately require all of us to purchase new license plates at an increased price. They even came out with a new design to supposedly jumpstart the bandwagon for stamped aluminum. People weren’t so happy about it, though, and the idea was later scrapped.
Suffice it to say, I was quite surprised to begin seeing these new plates appearing on cars in the past couple weeks. It turns out we weren’t mandated to have to purchase plates at a higher price, but they made it so we’d still have to adopt these new plates when they end their natural life cycles.
Guess what? People still aren’t happy. Let me show you why. Here are our old plates:

Clean. Neutral. Shows off some of our attractions.

And here are our new plates:

Perfect for matching all those goldenrod and navy blue cars out there.

It’s like the ’70s has come back in a form of horrid leprosy slowly spreading from car to car. You can not look at a car that possesses one of these new plates and not see one of these things glaring out at you in blatant, non-complementary defiance.

Are there any uglier license plates out there? Let me know!