Did you know the iPad went on sale today? If you’re able to read this, there’s no way you could’ve slipped by some outlet telling you it has.

For some reason, the media has a love affair with Apple products more than any other. You’ll see small bits on the news about people waiting in line for a new game console, but they have full features on anything that has a lower-case i in front of it. Logging into the Associate Press wire for some financial stories, I counted no less than 10 updates to a story on the iPad release, each with several revisions. That’s more than 30 installments of a story on a product release.

Apple has done very well over the years branding itself as the quality-centered underdog. Yet as it’s grown, it has relied more and more upon “Big Corporate” tactics to get what it wants and make sure as much money as possible is milked from its user base. I’m not saying they don’t make good products, or that people shouldn’t buy what they’re happy with, but don’t tell me Apple plays so much more nicely than Microsoft these days. Less than a year from now an updated iPad will be out with features that should’ve been in what’s available now, and people will buy the retread. Other companies do this, too (I’m looking at you, Nintendo) but Apple does it while still clinging to its “innovative small guy” appeal.

Ultimately, just take a step back and figure out why you go for a certain brand over others. If the reasons are legitimate for your needs, then more power to you. But if it’s some form of consumer Stockholm syndrome, take a good long look at what else is out there next time you want to make a purchase.