Spring: Where a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love–and pulls a sharp u-ie once it realizes he maintains a snowball’s chance in Fallujah of actually obtaining it.

Birds & Bees: 1, Young Man’s Fancy: 0

So as the temperatures rise and the snow makes a hopefully long-lasting disappearance, my fancy has turned toward some spring cleaning in my Zune and mp3 collection. Podcasts have become my love on car rides to and from work and they sometimes tend to build up.

What podcasts do I listen to? Glad I made you ask!

Decoder Ring Theatre is a Toronto-based audio drama troop whose series hearken back to the radio adventures of yesteryear. I originally showed up for the masked-hero escapades of “The Red Panda Adventures” but have stayed for the hard-boiled “Black Jack Justice” as well. Stories run a mixture of silly and serious with some excellent dialog.

NPR’s “Car Talk” and “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me…” are my two favorite shows from that source, and since I don’t get a station that comes through very clearly here, I download each show in podcast form. Both produced by Doug Berman, they turn what could be very boring topics into friendly and hilarious banter.

Podcacher is my weekly update on the world of geocaching, the perfect hobby for getting out of one’s home and exploring the world. Hosted by “Sonny and Sandy in sunny San Diego” (seriously).

PodQuiz is a weekly 20-question quiz with four rounds in a variety of topics. The first-round music questions are often a hoot, asking you to identify horrifying MIDI versions of songs or to figure out the underlying connection between four pieces of music. Quick and fun, not to mention it helps me win free wings on local trivia nights.

The Useless Information Podcast does not update often, but provide some fresh and fascinating material every time it does. Hosted by Steve Silverman, each episode focuses on an oft-untold story he has dug up from the annals of history. Superb stuff that is told well, and also includes old radio ads and “news from the weird past.”

I also listen to several video game podcasts, but that can wait for another time. You should end your cabin fever and get outside if you can!