My blog activity has been a bit low recently. While I could blame it on work, I will honestly admit it’s been more the Winter Games than anything else. I’m an Olympics junkie. I’ll watch anything that’s on because it always becomes fresh to me after 4 years and I don’t pay attention to the fact that all this stuff is actually on every year in the form of world championships.

Although it started tragically, the games in Vancouver have been fun to watch so far. There are times, though, when I start to wonder if the events can’t be improved a little…

  • Cross-country skiing would greatly benefit from having secret “snowball ambush” sites set up along the course. This would not be recommended for the biathlon.
  • The ski jump itself is a great event, but there should be a sub-event where skiers fling the front ends of their skis into a giant dartbaord for points.
  • Speed skating is too basic; figure skating too long and boring. The two should be combined into speed figure skating, Four performers would take the speed skating track at a time, trying to include all their required jumps and spins as they go around, with points obviously added to whomever completes all their laps first. Pairs skaters would be permitted to throw each other ahead of and at other skaters. Of course, playing all of the skaters’ performance numbers at once would be utter chaos, so they would all skate to the same IOC-sanctioned piece: “Cotton-eyed Joe.”
  • Curling does not need to change — it is perfect. It is the beautiful, golden-haired lovechild of bowling and bocce ball, kidnapped at birth but rescued and raised by a troop of brave penguins.

Do you have any suggestions?