I pose to you today a real-life moral dilemma of sugary proportions:

Yesterday at the news office, the photographer brought back a sampling of cookies from an assignment covering the local teachers association’s Valentine’s Day deliveries to the elderly. Most of the cookies came from the loving ovens of Wal-Mart, but there were a few homemade treats among the mix; most notably a chocolate-covered Oreo I managed to claim through the fair, office-agreed policy of getting my germs all over it first.

The cookie was all decked out for the holiday, with little red sprinkle hearts and one of those big, bumpy sugar lump hearts dead center. As I bit into it, the quality of the chocolate was pleasantly jolting — smooth and dark — and the cookie inside was crisp.

Yet as I looked down into the cross-section created by my bite, expecting to see a quaint, panda-like color scheme, I was shocked to instead find the telltale orange frosting.

Someone — someone teaching our youth, no less — had made Valentine’s Day treats with HALLOWEEN Oreos!

Aside from the potential heart attacks this may cause the area’s elderly, do you feel this is an acceptable practice? Note that the Halloween Oreo did not appear stale, yet Holiday (Christmas) Oreos have red frosting and come out later. There was obviously no regard for color in this choice.

Personally… I think the defiance of standards made it taste a little better; what Homer Simpson would deem “sacrilicious.” But what do you think?