For the Twenty-Fourth Day of January, Year of Our Lord 2010

Les yeux sans visage

WEATHER: An ongoing Dry Spell shall render early Crop Planting in Southern Climes Unfavorable, but provide ample Opportunity to bring out and Exercise one’s pent up Work Animals. So Ride Your Pony, Ride Your Pony, Ride Your Pony. Come On, Come On.

ASTROLOGY: The Rebel Yell will enter its Waning Phase Tonight, causing Her to cry Less, Less, Less over subsequent Midnight Hours. Remain mindful of upcoming License for Love Expirations to avoid unnecessary prayer for Help from Above.

PROVERB: Sinking a Drink will give One time to Think should Empty Eyes seem to pass Him by and leave Him dancing with Himself.

Today will be a Nice Day for a White Wedding. It will NOT be a Nice Day to Start Again.