Last week I wrote about Zhu Zhu Pets and how they have been infused by the Corporate Holiday Overlords with something to make the scurrying little critters irresistible to children.
Well, the organization GoodGuide thinks it has found that secret ingredient: carcinogens.

The group claims that the toys contain dangerously high levels of tin and antimony, which may potentially cause immune system deficiencies and cancer.

By the way, that’s antimony, not alimony–which is what you’ll soon be paying if you suggest to your spouse right now that you should return the pets. The company that has created the pets has not issued a recall as of yet and your lovely wife or husband who braved the mobs to grab those hamsters for your precious snowflakes will be ready to sign those divorce papers if they are returned without good reason, just as soon as both of their arms are out of their casts.

If the claims are founded and a recall is issued, however, there will be at least a small aura of sadness surrounding it. The company appears to be a relatively small, ambitious firm that found a big break, and seeing the disaster of all their Zhu Zhus going down the tubes would be like Susan Boyle walking out to a packed audience without all her reptilian ‘Visitors’ skin properly disguised.

Yet again, if the toys really are toxic, there’s an easy and potentially cheaper knock-off you can give your kids: Just glue a pack of cigarettes to the top of an old RC car and watch your kids beam with delight as they play with their new Joe Joe Camels.