Have you ever had one of those days where just enough things hold you back so that, by the time you want to do something you plan every week, you’re just about out of time?

I just finished up the Sunday issue of the paper but there are still about 40 minutes left in the day, so I thought I might as well maintain my streak. I’ve actually gotten a lot more efficient at my duties, though: on days when there weren’t delays, I formerly didn’t get all the pages out until around 11:45 p.m.

The season for press awards is coming up and I came in today to find I apparently had the duty of being the paper’s voice to choose the entertainer and entertainment stories of the year. Looking over the list, I discovered not much in entertainment news is ever all that entertaining–at least in a joyful sense. Jon and Kate splitting; Rhiana getting beat up; enough dead celebrities to make a water polo team. What interests people most in entertainment is actually pretty dark. At least balloon boy was on there. I definitely voted for that story. As for the entertainer of the year, I actually went Rock Band over any individual on a pedastal. Take that, Lady Gaga.

The state’s press association also accepted nominations for our own work this week, and I learned not only were some of my stories on the major summer flood here sent in for consideration, but two photos as well: one of a derelict building in mid-collapse and another of a young woman and a girl walking through the mud shortly after floods ravaged their village.

I’m not really sure how I should feel if the latter photo actually wins something. I never flagged those two girls down. They never knew I took the photo, even. I was just surveying the damage on foot, saw them struggling through what had basically become a mudpit, and took the shot. If there’s a monetary award, I thought, I would donate it to the continuing relief efforts there… except there’s not. Do I really still deserve anything for a spur-of-the-moment shot of people at a low point in their lives like that? It’s been a tough question.