She has my, well... absolutely nothing, really.

Do not let the stereotypical blanket color fool you; that peaceful little blessing above is the girl born Nov. 28 to my friend across the pond and the incarnation of my losing a non-existent bet.

I was told that everything went well and that the birth date of Nov. 28 was the one originally estimated by the doctors but was later bumped up. That’s how I automatically knew it was a girl–she’s so fashionably late. I’m still a little disappointed she did not take my bribe of LEGOs to show up on Nov. 15, though.

So what’s her real name? Unfortunately, I can not say yet as it has not completely been decided. I must respect the privacy and wishes of the happy family because this is the first time I have ever become the Official Godblog of a human life and I am not going to mess this up.

That said, however, the blog is still open to being the Official Godblog of your child as well, and is also available to cater your bar mitvah or give you away at your wedding. I fully intend to honor this newborn as her Official Godblog, showing her the silliness in life, but the parents better not come running to me five or so years later when she walks up to them from the computer room, her hands balled into tiny fists, and screams, “You could’ve named me Girltim?!”