BERLIN, Germany–Twenty years to the day the Berlin Wall fell, a lesser-known yet equally divisive barrier has been scaled: the Berlin Firewall.

As people took to the streets, hugging and crying in celebration of the day they regained their freedom, nerds throughout berlin were tapping and crying in celebration that they could finally access Facebook.

“When the Berlin Wall fell, it reunited people divided by iron-fisted political ideology,” said Francis Unger, a mailroom clerk who took time to speak between frantic Digg-ing. “The fall of the Berlin Firewall reunites all of us who’ve been divided by iron-fisted productivity ideology.”

Before the firewall was officially removed, information and LOLcats were sent between separated office buildings by a secretive underground militia–literally people who hid in the basements with laptops and proxy servers. Several months ago, Berlin IT Troopers held a major sting on the group. Armed with firing notices, troopers viciously eliminated any suspected firewall hoppers in what has come to be known as Pink Thursday.

The mood around most computers Monday was one of jubilation, although the time deprived of social Internet access had taken a toll on some.

“What the hell happened to Scrabulous?!” Tina Schroder could be heard crying out amongst the din.

Berlin IT is also highly unhappy, expecting a rise in viruses, phishing schemes and Mafia Wars activity.