NEW YORK — The New York Yankees’ taking of the 2009 World Series Championship has sent a ripple of inspiration through the boroughs, reinvigorating people’s efforts to pull out of declining circumstances. But nowhere has this motivation been felt more than in Manhattan.

Although the recession has hit much of the Upper East Side the way a fly hits the windshield of a Mack truck, the businesspeople of this highrise highland feel a certain empathy toward the baseball team that appears to center in vaguely existent struggles.

“We got hit with hard times this year; the Yankees got hit with hard times this year, but if they found a way to succeed, so can we,” said advertising manager Mike Flynn. “The Yankees had to adjust their pitching game early in the season and I’ve had to cut back from venti lattes to grande. It’s all about adapting.”

Valerie Mills, a fashion consultant, said she wasn’t entirely into baseball, but saw the importance of the title returning to New York City.

“I was told we haven’t won the World Series in 9 years,” she said. “How embarrassing! Where has it been all that time? Really, where did it go? The only other teams are the Mets, Boston and one in California, right?”

Taxi company owner Bill Mason considers the Yankees victory this year a true Cinderella story and takes their championship to heart.

“They really toughed it out this time,” Mason said. “How man other teams can boast that they won a championship the same year they had to break in their brand new $1.5 billion stadium? None of them, that’s who! If the Yankees can teach us anything this year, it’s how to multitask! And acquire massive sums of taxpayer money. Oh, man. Sorry, I’m about to weep, they’re so my heroes…”

While preparing for the imminent ticker tape parade and commissioning of a third rendition of Alex Rodriguez as a centaur, the Yankees’ 27th World Series victory has made the coming days seem much brighter from a number of penthouse windows.

“You know, for the past few years I started to think that maybe New York City wasn’t God’s most gracious gift to the world,” Flynn said. “But the Yankees have brought that feeling back to me. Thank you.”