I’ve usually updated the blog on Saturday morning before going to work, but this time I’m doing so on my break. An empty Dunkin’ Donuts is the scene and a new Dell Mini 10v is my canvas.

It might be kind of dumb at first glance to have gotten a netbook when I can’t even access broadband at my house (hooray for country living!), but I’ve been wanting a portable writing system for some time and knowing the fact that I will be ready for wi-fi somehow provides a little more hope I can actually get out of this area to a land of milk and data. It also gets me out of the office itself, which is something I need to force myself to do more often.

Hope your Halloween went well. If you have any fun stories of the day, I’d love to hear ’em! Aside from them, this festive orange straw in my iced coffee is about all the celebration I’m getting.