The blog hit a new pageview record on Oct. 21, with 71! Once again, thank you to all who bother to take a look–it really inspires me to keep the writing up as best I can.

Speaking of which, sorry for not having anything yesterday. Work just beat me down. Left home at 3 p.m., got back at 2:30 a.m., and, unfortunately, I have to go back today. You know you’re in the wrong state of mind when you think becoming sick would be a reasonable alternative to attending the workplace.

So I’m tired, but that’s OK. I mean, I know my job isn’t as crucial as, say, an airline pilot’s, but I’ve never been accused of falling asleep on the job.

It feels the skies have been full of lies recently, hasn’t it. Why am I not believing the pilots right now? Because, according to an NTSB report, “The crew stated they were in a heated discussion over airline policy and they lost situational awareness.”

Come on; that just screams “Busted!”

INVESTIGATOR: What were you doing up there? Why did you never respond to the tower for 78 minutes?

CO-PILOT: We were slee–er… talking! Yeah, talking!

PILOT: And not, like, about the Vikings/Steelers game, to pull a completely random example out of thin air! We were talking airplane stuff!

CO-PILOT: Yeah! Super-important airplane business-type stuff!

PILOT: Around the time of approach! For 78 minutes…


CO-PILOT: I wouldn’t believe us, either…

I would be more willing to lampoon the whole affair, but frankly the situation’s pretty scary. It was a loss of “situational awareness” that brought Flight 3407 down in my region earlier this year, killing 50 people, and how many stories have there been now of public transit crashing because the people in control were on the phone or texting? I know people make mistakes, but more needs to be done to ensure those who have so many people’s lives in their hands at one time are fit both physically and mentally to do the job.