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BRUNO: So, Katie; your goal is to pursue a technical field?

KATIE: Well, I think so, Mr. Tonioli. Like something in engineering or architecture, maybe…?


KATIE: Really?!

BRUNO: A fantastic execution of decision! Look at these spectacular math scores!

KATIE: Yes, I’ve tried extra hard for that reason!

BRUNO: And it has paid off, darling! Look at you, navigating these exams like a cold, calculating siren of numbers! No formula can escape your call!

KATIE: Oh! Uh–

BRUNO: You are a mathematical dominatrix of the highest denominator! Such perfect command! Such alluring control!

KATIE: Can… I go back to class now?

BRUNO: Yes, Katie. I will begin preparing your transcripts. Please tell William to come in on your way out.

[William comes in shortly after Katie’s brisk exit.]

BRUNO: William, William, William. It is such a shame you keep finding yourself here. I keep asking to see more from you, but it is just not there. I am not seeing the passion!

WILLIAM: I’m just no good at school, Mr. T. But it’s OK. I’m going to do football instead.

BRUNO: Football? Football?? William, I have seen your footwork out there. It is like two floppy flapjacks nailed to yardsticks being paraded up and down the field by a crack-addled marionette artist!


BRUNO: Well?

WILLIAM: I’m still trying to put that mental image together.

BRUNO: I have already forgotten my complicated simile! What matters here is that there is no security in sports. You need passion you can depend upon. You can not just appear one time in an Elton John video and expect the rest of the road to be paved in gold!

WILLIAM: I guess… Wait, what?

BRUNO: You love the history. Focus on that. Find what you love about it and the rest will come.

WILLIAM: I… even in biology?

BRUNO: Yes. (thrusts an arm into the air) PASSION!

WILLIAM: …Yeah. I’ll just go and start on that… (walks out)

BRUNO: My work here today is done. (hits the intercom) Send me my jet to the British academy.