Saturdays are likely the start of a well-deserved weekend for you, but for me they’re often the most time-consuming days of my work week before a Sunday-Monday rest. Until things change–and boy, I’ve been looking for them to–Saturdays will often be “cool-down” periods; a time to look back on the week and just make some musings.

First of all, a hearty congratulations to Ian Howlett, my “boss” over at UGTV, for getting married today! I had the chance to meet both Ian and his then-fiance in August and they make a great couple. He’s found himself a real sweetheart who will hopefully still let him play video games once the ink has dried on the marriage certificate.

Please let him continue to play video games, lass; I like writing about them, and it’s how I keep amused until I find one of my own!

Speaking of video games, I’m currently playing through Dead Space: Extraction on the Wii for review purposes. As you know, Halloween is coming around the corner and some scarier fare can be apropos. This game fits the bill, setting you out in space surrounded by ugly, alien lifeforms you fend off with weapons including, yes, a rivet gun. Rosie would be so proud. An original setting? Perhaps not, but the presentation is certainly freaky enough. Seriously, though: video game characters need to stop going out into space. It’s only filled with things that want to kill them.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has been reading the blog so far. I’ve received an average of 33 pageviews per day over the past five days–much more than I was expecting–with the highest count, 45, reached yesterday. Frankly, I’m also amazed I’ve kept up with writing something each day, too, but having a blog has opened me up to inspiration a lot more. It’s nice to have something outside of work to tap out that people are reading.

I’m planning on making “Romance Stories Written by a Virgin” a recurring entry here. If you have any more suggestions on the kinds of writing you would like to see or on any other aspect of this blog, please let me know. I’m more than happy to hear them.