Is it possible that we have overhyped breast cancer awareness?

I’m watching Sunday Night Football–the Chargers against the Steelers–and just about all of the players are wearing pink in some form. There are pink cleats, pink gloves, pink wristbands–with all teams this week wearing some combination of them. While I appreciate the sentiment and respect the players’ willingness to do it, it really looks pretty ugly.

Amazingly, football uniforms do not appear to have been made to coordinate well with the color pink. The only team that has a reasonable shot at it is the Miami Dolphins. Actually, they’ve basically only been the color pink away from looking like the Vice City Dolphins all this time.

I’m not against breast cancer awareness, research or treatment in any way, and I do respect the NFL tremendously for honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month at all. But having too much of a good thing does exist, and once linebackers start showing up looking like they’ve beat down the Pink Panther, you have to start wondering.

There are plenty of other commonly-occurring cancers that can benefit from increased awareness without taking much away from breast cancer. Prostate cancer, which my dad is about to undergo surgery for, immediately comes to mind. I think brown gloves would be more than appropriate.